Bphcc Governance

Bphcc Governance

BPHCC organization has defined structure including general assembly board of directors and
executive committee.

The structure determines chain of command and hierarchy of responsibility within bphcc
The general assembly is the highest decision making organ approving policies and
reviewing achievement and plans
The board of directors (B.O.D) is the planning and policy making body of the organization
which controlling and approving the all activates by the executive.
The executive director is the head of executive committee that is responsible for the
implementation of the programs and daily management activities.

BPHCC Management Staff

BPHCC organization has access for all skilled and experienced professionals who have capacity and
competent to involve all the desired activities that promotes the goal and objectives of the
The professional staff of management whom periodically review their activities to appraise and
provide them human recourse development trainings on the job trainings and technical assistance
to undertake systematically their duties and responsibilities
BPHCC has also technical consultants of engineering designing and planning etc.


We have more of the following qualities
Hi-tech office with computer sets including one laptop and two desktop computers and
internet connection , adequate office furniture and well functioning office compound in