What we do ?


To base on Somali cultural and traditional art institute (recourse center) wihich is a focal
point for the community initiatives in the fields of peace promotion and integration of
community development projects.
To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the youngsters,
women, and IDPs to become self sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living
To improve the rights of women focusing on the issues such as female genital mutilations
FGM early marriage and other forms of discriminations against girl and women.
To promote understanding better relationship among The communities and attitude change
for working together for peace and development in the society and creating good
atmosphere of stability in whole the state including environmental protection and wildlife.
To encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilize among them
awareness on HIV/Aids
To promote internal discussions among human rights activities on the work of media and
journalists toward contribute to national heal and development

To improve the capacity building for law enforcement agencies advocacy against child
recruitment resettlement of IDPs development of policies and laws addressing protection issues