Our Policies

The BPHCC organization has internal policies for effective operation these policies include:- Personnel policy operational policy procurement policy vehicle management policy, documentation policy, financial policy, Asset policy, and faced asset policy

Personnel policy Recruitment

Whenever the BPHCCis in need of a person the following procedure is engaged

❖ Announcement is made through the local news papers
❖ Questionnaires is prepared for the candidates
❖ Selection is made from the winners who apply for the vacant post through written and
oral interview
❖ Update training is given to the selected candidate (s)
❖ STA ( short term assignment) is prepared for the new candidate (s) this lasts for two
months if the candidate appears efficient and employment deserving he/she has to sign
a full employment

Contract but the duration salary, allowance sort of duty being assigned for

  •  Job description is given to the worker
  •  Salary is paid at the end of the month
  • Any individual file is maintained at the HQ of BPHCC
  •  Any inconvenience of duty performance is passed to the top leadership in the form of
  • The worker has to speak for his/her rights. The worker has a right to resign and ask for his/her rights
     Contract is signed each time a former worker is being renewed

Operational policy

For all operations conducted by the organization have to pass operational policies which are:-

• Project identification
• Feasibility studies and baseline date
• Dealing with concerned bodies/agencies
• Development of business plan and design of the project
• Approval of the project
• Implementation of the project
• Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Procurement policy

Whenever there is need of purchase there should be certain policy governing it for purchase process the document maintained for the procurement policy include:-

• Biding forms
• Purchase Order
• Purchase request form
• Acknowledgement form
• Return forms

Vehicle management policy

Vehicle policies regards only to the vehicles rented for the companies activities and they are categorized into two sections:-

Section A
This applies to the vehicle rented for the regular operations of the BPHCC these are vehicles rented
for the staff and projects going on and they cans stay with the BPHCC for long/short period this
regards to the life of the project of which the vehicles are rented for

Section B
This applies to the vehicles rented for temporary basis for section A the vehicles has to be Effective
and efficient for the required purpose
Ready for work
Complying to the vehicle management policy
Can travel for any required time
Stop working whenever the power of the vehicle for smooth work is declined
Has to accept termination if the required points are not maintained

Documentation policy

The documents of BPHCC is part of the procedure with clearly define financial records and transactions including authorization which based on in accordance with general acceptable account procedures (GAAB) with written as financial manual of BPHCC.

For our financial policy there is a certain policy adapted to the process the financial records of the institution of soma of the essential documents maintained by the organization include:

o Inventory ledger book
o Receipts
o Staff payroll
o Vehicle payroll
o Acknowledgement forms
o Purchase verification forms
o Loan request form
o Prepay (in advance pay) request form
o Budget book

Assets policy

The assets policy deals with a records of everything owned by the organization (non spend able) the policy highlights that everything owned.

By the organization has to be recorded in orderly manner to avoid misappropriation, loss or damage therefore, the asset of the BPHCCis kept in an inventory ledger in different sets of column expressing date of delivery set of items purpose off delivery pin number date of dispatch signature of authorization etc.

BPHCC institutional achievements

BPHCC has achieved many progresses in the institutional aptitude in terms of delivery and human resource capacity office and management of all resources internal control systems and public relations all these are positive contribution to the accountability of BPHCC implement projects effectively